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Special Purpose Districts

“In Washington State, special purpose districts are limited purpose local governments separate from a city, town, or county government. Generally, they perform a single function, though some perform a limited number of functions. They provide an array of services and facilities including electricity, fire protection, flood control, health, housing, irrigation, parks and recreation, library, water-sewer service and more recently stadiums, convention centers, and entertainment facilities that are not otherwise available from city or county governments.” – Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC)

District representatives can find information for placing measures on the ballot and submitting voter pamphlet information below.

Mason County Special Purpose Districts

In addition to county elected offices, special purpose districts participate in local elections, either for the purpose of electing commissioners or placing measures, such as local tax levies, on the ballot. In Mason County these special purpose districts include:

  • Cemetery Districts
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • Hospital Districts
  • Port Districts
  • Public Utility Districts
  • School Districts
  • Water Districts

You can see a list of the districts positions open this year by visiting our Offices up for Election 2021 page.

District Boundaries

To view district boundaries, please visit our maps page.

Voters’ Pamphlet Submissions

Beginning July 2021 all counties are required to prepare and distribute a local voters’ pamphlet for all elections. Districts that are placing measures on the ballot need to read all the guidelines and deadlines in order to take advantage of this resource and get information about their measures in front of Mason County voters.