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Ballot Status

After voting and returning a ballot, voters in Washington can check the status of their ballot either online or by calling or visiting their county Vote Center. Every election some ballots are ‘challenged’ due to missing signatures or signatures that do not match that in the voter’s registration file. In these cases voters are sent a letter requesting that they ‘cure’ their ballot challenge so that their vote can be counted. Below you will find detailed information about the most common questions we receive about ballot status.

How can I check the status of my ballot?

Once you have returned your ballot, by mail or by ballot drop box, you can check the status of your ballot. Please wait 3-4 days to allow us to receive and process before doing so. Here are your options for doing so.


  • Sign in to the Voter Portal using your name and birthdate (note this must match exactly how you are registered)
  • Click on the Ballot Status tab in the left-hand menu
  • Check the Ballot Status line at the bottom of this page
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By phone or in-person

Phone: (360) 427-9670 ext. 470

Vote Center: 411 N 5th St., Shelton, WA (back entrance) – When you visit please come prepared to follow COVID safety precautions.

What if my ballot status says “challenged?”

The most common reasons ballots are “challenged” relate to voter signatures. The voter either forgot to sign the return envelope, or there is a question about the signature matching the signature in the voter’s registration file. Both of these are usually very easy to remedy.

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How can I ‘cure’ a challenged signature?

Every voter whose ballot is “challenged,” for any reason, will receive a letter from the elections department, giving them the opportunity to “cure” the challenge. In other words, voters are given an opportunity to fix an issue so their ballot can then be processed and counted. This is one of the reasons in Vote by Mail elections, final results are not official until certification.

Missing Signature

If your ballot is challenged because you forgot to sign the return envelope, your letter will come with a Missing Signature Form. Simply sign and return by the indicated date. Once received by us, your ballot will be processed, counted, and your ballot status will be changed to ‘accepted.’

Challenged Signature

If your ballot is challenged due to a question about the signature itself, you will be asked to return a Signature Update Form. Signatures are challenged for a variety of reasons such as the signature in a voter’s registration file is old (for most of us our signatures change over time); the voter has had a recent medical issue (stroke, a broken bone, etc.), which has caused their signature to change; someone else in the voter’s household has accidentally signed the wrong ballot return envelope; etc.

As long as there is no attempt to intentionally forge a signature, a felony offense, the process for updating a signature is as simple as signing the form we send you and returning it within the timeframe indicated on the accompanying letter.

More Information on Ballot Status

To view a complete list of ballot status codes and challenge reasons, visit the Secretary of State’s Office website page Ballot Status Codes.