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Military & Overseas Voting

Absent Service members, their spouses and dependents and citizens that live overseas have several options to register, receive their ballot, and vote.

Register to Vote or Update your Registration

When registering or updating your registration, indicate if you are a Service member, spouse or dependent, or citizen living outside of the United States. You must list a residential address in Washington State, even if it is where you used to live. Your mailing address is where you get your mail now. Service members need to update their registration after every PCS or deployment. Please provide an email address if you have one so that we can contact you quickly.

If you want information about voting in a state other than Washington, rules and deadlines will be different.  The Federal Voting Assistance Program has state-by-state instructions. 

Receive Your Ballot

Military and overseas voters may have their ballot sent to them by mail, email or fax. Ballots are sent out earlier than for other voters. You will automatically receive a ballot, you do not need to request one for every election. If you have not received your ballot in time to vote, you can complete a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot and return that to us.

Complete and Send in Your Ballot

Service members, their families, and citizens living overseas can return ballots by email or fax. Instructions are in the ballot packet. Emailed or faxed ballots must be received by 8 pm Pacific Time on Election Day.

Ballots may also be returned by postal mail. Service Members may use Military Mail free of charge to return their ballot. Overseas citizens can use the postal service where they are located (be sure to include your postage) or a delivery service like FedEx or DHL to return their ballot. U.S. Embassies can also return ballots. Contact the Voting Assistance Officer at your local embassy or consulate for more information. Mailed ballots have to be postmarked on election day or earlier.m

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